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Prostitution in Second Life. Interviews with representatives of oldest profession in different countries.

Readers of Secondrussia.ru already came to know Subina. In September 2011, she had already given a very frank interview, talked about the forbidden, something that is not openly discussed in public.

This time, Subina reveals what's under the curtain on the phenomenon of prostitution in Second Life

In the previouse interview Sabina said in a whisper:
"In addition (in a whisper, but not very loudly) to" life "in SL I make living in a brothel ..."
Even then, I asked her to give me another interview on the topic of prostitution in SL.
This is not advertising))) We are all adults, in SL everyone one of us is discovering thyself. One is is trying himself as a slave for pleasures, another - As courageous warrior.  One would be a traveler, and another would marry multiple times. One would rent some land, and the other - would build. And someone else would be an artist. There are many roles in SL.

Subina had promised introduce me to some prostitutes SL when she's in the right mood.
But, first, she offered me check out few SIMs, where prostitutes hang out, and she gave several LMs...
I was afraid to go there by myself, persuaded few of my friends to TP there together). We got to Red Light District. We stood there for a bit and looked around...
Lesha (my friend) grumbled that the girl are already harassing him in the IMs... so he took off. Of course they would have IMd him - there were practically no other Johns there except him! Sabina had previously told me that a there is a lots of competition among the girls.
At the "Red Light District" avatars were rather horrible, and the place itself... was in rather oppressive condition. It was then when i somehow lost an desire to go ahead with the interview.
But then suddenly Subina wrote that Suzy, the Madam of a brothel, had her birthday,and she would not mind to meet me. I really had not time to meet her then, but meanwhile I found who this Susie was.

Susie (Suzi) the owner of the Street brothel, and the owner of the SIM, the boundaries of which are continuously expanding.

But few days later Subina called again:
subina: Suze said that you would be welcome here)
Kama: is she Russian?
subina: she's English, the only Russian there is me)
Kama: how interesting)
subina: I told you - we've got an international team), and remember - Susie, Elvira, Rachel, Kondorina - they are the most interesting girls. Another may come back later... ... Bojana
I have arrived ..
There was that flashy Susie

subina: for Suz - that's how she usually looks, she likes "dirty style")
Kama: Yeah I see))) What's this place?
subina: The Street where I work) a brothel)
Kama: Feels kind a awkward to announce myself)))
subina: I'll do that for you
subina: So, are this avis bad?
Kama: they are good))
subina: Elvira - the oldest here, from Australia, an Englishwoman)
Kama Mhia: Wow
subina: Wonderful! Everyone I wanted to show you is already gathering around
Kama: but in real life - who are they?
subina: why are you asking?
Kama: just to be clear))
subina: with our profession it is not particularly a good idea to advertise the details of the real life. Here, no one call SL a game). I only heard from Russians calling SL a game)
Kama Mhia: no men (
subina: no)
subina: I told you - that is not worth the queue)

I was lucky, all the girls who were named Sabina, though assembled)
subina : Girls! Moment of attention!) 
subina : Kama - Russian journalist. She wants to write an article about prostitution in SL for a Russian online forum ... who wants to give an interview?)
Suzi : your chance for fame girls ?roosin : wow, nice topic
Kama:  hi all))
Suzi : Rach Kama is a jurnalist friend of Subbys. she's writing a piece on prostitution in sl

2.  Why are they here?
Kama : Girls, many do not know that in SL there is a brothel and prostitution
subina : it's just amazing!) and a long time I did not know that in SL there is something besides the brothels!) LOL
roosin: it depends where you start in here
Condorina  : It's pretty much the main reason I am here!
Kama  : Yes, Sabine, told me yesterday our girls admitted that they had never heard of prostitution
subina  : drive you mad)
Kama  : Girls, you are there to sell yourself?
Suzi  : I thought i had invented it in my second week. How wrong i was ?
Suzi : I'll make a fortune !!!!
subina: I then thought, "Well, still the same fucking on almost every corner ... why not take money for it ?"))) LOL)
Kama : Your work can be considered that this prostitution?
Suzi : it is very real Kama
Condorina : Of course it is real, we serve the men, make them happy, allow them to fulfill their fantasies.

Kama : ... but you ... it's pixel avatar pictures.  can buy a pixel doll?
Suzi : behind every avatar… is a living breathing person with feelings
Condorina: It's the wordplay, the sensuality of it all, that turns them on. We give what their wives
Suzi : and we give then variety
Suzi : no matter how outwardly happy they seem
Suzi : crave
subina : Cam ... a lot of people buy an inflatable doll ... and we - better), we -interactive)
Condorina : What you see, is what I looked like when I was 25, except my tits are bigger here!
Suzi : ha ha ha Condi
Kama : that is, men love to look at the pictures?
Condorina : yes, Men are visually motivated
Condorina : We, as women are more emotionally motivated
Kama : good answer, Condi)))
Kama : how do you do?
Suzi : I have a couple of regulars where the whole cyber is just text
Kama: Text?
Suzi : yes as we are all communicating right now
subina : Wirth text, the Kama), a good text Wirth appreciated)
Condorina : Many of them just need someone to talk to. We re Online girlfriends for them. It is a safe way for them to cheat!
Suzi : many men use it to hook up with cam girl
Suzi : wwhich is a completely different market
subina : you know, Kama ... There are so many guys with complexes that even a prostitute in real life to buy - this is a problem ... and we - affordable ... and with us - it is easier)
subina : we help them to assert themselves and realize fantasies)
Rachael: Halleluiah!

Kama : and why they do not buy girls real?
Condorina : In RL it is illegal to buy sex
Kama : illegal?
Suzi : not everywhere condi
Suzi : Germany its legal
Condorina : In America it is, except for in Nevada
Suzi: UK it's tolerated within reason
Condorina : I live in Chicago, Illegal here
Kama : I think in Europe, prostitution is legal in the U.S. 
Elvira : Yes, legally, if you get the certificate :-)
Lalonna : yes it s legal in Australia
Kama : Elvira, prostitution is legal in Australia?
Suzi : it varies by counrtry Kama
Condorina t: Of course it does, but the question pertained to legality
Suzi : it's not called the oldest proffession for nothing

5. PRICE and Funny Girl)

Kama : what price?
Suzi thing is Kama The price varies
Suzi : so we all have our own rates
Kama  : Susie, you have a great avatra, your price?
Suzi : Ive done it for as little as a couple of hundred lol
Condorina : My best was 4,800 for a bit of chat! I wish That would happen more often!!!
Suzi : there are still some around tho worth up to say 5k an hour
Elvira  : Yeah I bet you did Suzi.
Elvira  : Wouldn't share him with poor sluts like me.
Kama : and you have a lot of Clint Susie?
Condorina : Show her your 'clint' suz! ;-)
Suzi : these days around 10  or so regulars
Suzi : the rest come from hanging out here when i decide to work
Condorina : You worn out old whore!!
Suzi : ha!!!
Kama : Heather's work in SL-your basic salary?
Or are you in real work, too?
Elvira : Suzi's so rich she doesn't need to work any more aren't you Suzi?
Suzi : rich as a church mouse lol!
subina : I think she is so country that can no longer work, Elvira)
Kama : why a rich lady to work?
Suzi : I work - when I do - cos I love it
subina Canis: She loves the process)
Rachael : her husband forces her, its awful
Suzi : ha!!!
Lalonna : you are all making me laugh so!

6. WHAT ATTRACTS? Money or the process? 

Kama Mhia: that important - money or a process?
Suzi  :  the sex sex sex
Elvira : I work to feed my habit Kama.
Elvira: Also about the money :-)
Condorina : Money
subina : most importantly - money for the process!)
Elvira Avedon dreams of a rich lover
Kama: extensive lover? Here?
subina : Elvira just built up a myth, and tends to it)
7. How much money can earn a prostitute SL? 

Kama : And how many turns to make money?
Suzi : which was $192
Condorina: I cash out every couple of weeks. I am unemployed in RL, cashing out helps.
Suzi : to make money here you have to have patience
Kama : why there are no men?
Elvira : They are scared of us :-)
Suzi : in the gay community for sure
Suzi : ladyboys for sure
Suzi : but they usually starve I think
Kama : By the way .. and you have a man among the female avatar?
subina s: But among these free - more vusego guys with feminine AVI)

9.  WHERE client?
Kama  : I told the men that many women in SL are ready to have sex for free
Condorina  : Free sex is boring. No one tries. There is no sunsuality in free sex, just cartoon bouncing on each other.
Kama  : that is, virtalny sex with a prostitute - a higher quality?
Condorina  : Yes Kama, I think so.  In paid sex, there is the wordplay, the closeness 
10. Appears on the scene beggar and the other girls, Johan.))
subina Canis: Кама  asks - why is it hot? Where all of our customers?)
Johan  : hello all;-)
Kama : Johan wants someone to buy something? Rachael : no kama Johan is the beggar here
Suzi : and head pervert
Elvira: Poor Johan has no money.Rachael: he sleeps with his flies
Kama : He looks at you?
Lalonna : HE watches out for us.. come to think of it, he just watches us..
Lalonna : But we love him
Kama: he is your friend))

Kama : I would like to see a male client))
Rachael: wouldn't we all ))
Condorina : HA HA!
subina : oh yeah!)
Lalonna : If one comes, let's surround him!
11. The first client-ECONOMIST
Suzi : Hi Rufus 
Rufus : Hi sweetie..
Suzi : here's one Kama
Rufus : ..and nods to all the ladies..
Lalonna : Hi Rufus nice to see you again
Suzi : Kama is a journo rufus
Rufus : realy ?
Suzi : wants to know why men go with prostitutes in sl
Elvira  : Rufus is an economist.
Rachael : hmm an economist and a beggar on one sim
Suzi : hey all human life is here
Johan : the beggar is also a economist....

I asked permission to copy chat.

Kama: Susie, I can copy the chat?
Suzi: no prob for me

12. In the meantime .... Suzy and Rufus agree on a price
Suzi : want to go somewhere quiet with me ?
Rufus : nods..
Rufus : ..hand on his fat wallet
Suzi: winks at elv

Suzy and Rufus left. I even looked into the camera. The empty room, a dirty mattress on the floor ... newspaper

Kama : girls, all thanks to you! I have to go! Thank you Susie
The life of prostitutes in SL perhaps, is not much different from the life of of prostitutes RL, besides the fact that SL is perfectly safe and 100% anonymous.
Where else the bunch of girls from all over the world can get together on the same Street and have a cheerful conversation with a journalist? Only in SL )))
I liked these girls, they are not rude, but funny, and not corny!
And I think that in real life, these girls can to anything, but not the prostitution)))).
In SL - its all upside down!
Distinguished people simulate life of slaves, prostitutes, mistresses and madams, just like Susie.
Should one condemn them? It would be just silly.
This is a second life, second dimension. Here its all in reverse.
And such dimensions never cross over

Kama Mhia.  2012-01-16 14:45
part of the text from Russian into English and translated Tak Naglo  Google traslyatorom.
forgive forgiveness for mistakes.

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