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Art Screamer sim " Spirit "of the famous artist SL claudia222 Jewell

Avatars! Explore Art Screamer sim exhibition "Spirit" of the famous  artist SL claudia222 Jewell. This is amazing! Details: Blog Claudia222 Jewel
The group "Russian travelers" (Russian travelers) continue to explore the world.We visited a lot of places, has written more than 100 reports, and passing thousands of miles away, we continued our journey.
Art Screamer special. That is, all objects - a mesh. The famous artist SL claudia222 Jewell, has created an amazing, mysterious world! At the landing site, a gift for the girls   - first female avatar mesh).
When landing, you will be given the local atmosphere, do not forget to take it.
Mysterious creatures - the imagination of the artist. This is amazing! As the artist himself calls them, we do not know;)

Most of the figure (the woman's face .. male torso) looks down on the vanity of mysterious creatures. And most likely, is pleased to numerous visitors!
Where to? Where to run?!
Towards each other? These beings are very strange))
  Local environment - turn it on!
A male dragonfly))
What do you call these creatures, the author certainly knows ... The spirit of the male dragonflies. In the background Lesha Barcelos and Hailey Heian.
.Iron Man ... - dragonfly))
 The Queen ... the Queen, surrounded by little angels))


 They fly .. or glide?
 .....endless rotation
 I do not know what it is .... But it's fantastic!
Included a maximum range .... included the shadows ...View of the sim

Amoebas .. we went up to almost 300 meters
.... flying bee. To fly over the sim, we have already used it several times. But Alex does not need a bee, it has wings))
Above the giant jellyfish

  Tell us who you are?
At the T-shirt image painting by Titian, "Mary Magdalene"))
Aleksandr String))
 poiu Skute))
I like photos.
Art Screamer - This is a very interesting place in SL!

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