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Slave for Pleasure

I thought...
Why, in the 21st century, among secular, educated people , 
so many who want to be slaves?
After Andy was interviewed we would like to interview a female slave. We were lucky. We found not only a slave in SL, we found a real slave ))

Friends introduced to a girl,   a slave who is in real.
The negotiations were conducted through a common acquaintance. The Anonymity Of 100% 
K: What is to be a slave in the life (real life)? When you realized that you like to be a slave?
S: Most likely, I would not talking from a position of like or don't like in this matter. A slave is the need of the internal need, and then all the rest. I realized the need to be a slave - not so very long ago, a few years ago, but the makings of a slave appeared already in childhood.

K: how is it manifested?
S: I wanted to male's strong hand near to me, ruler of me, I wanted to obey, but not everyone man, but only a strong and decent male. Later, I wanted to restriction of freedom, especially during sex. I wanted to trust another person. 

K: It was some internal subconscious reasons which prompted a desire to become a slave ? May be it was a child's injury?
S: No, no child injuries. I had a very happy childhood and adolescence. If someone would have told me then that I would be a slave, I would most likely just turned to finger to my temple. The only tragedy is my inability from childhood to make a choice, to make a decision, when the options are more than one. In the famous fairy tales I most likely would have remained standing by the stone, and could not choose in what direction I need to go.

K: Not the ability to make a decision- the main trait of the maidservants? After all, you still receive some decisions in life?
S: Yes, I have to take, of course, only it's too hard. More difficult than ordinary people. Master rather helps to decide if this is the solution need for slaves, but in other cases make the decision himself. In any case, it is at his discretion. In addition, a slave too are subject to the influence on it of the pressure from the side of other people. The master in this sense is a protection for the slave. He knows the sensitive side of his maidservant, and the prohibitions and restrictions of protecting her. It protects the slave including the psychological trauma.

K: How did you find the Master?
S: IN my case, rather Master found me, or it would be more correct to say that we have found each other, in any case - it was a big happenstance. 

= Go to SL=

 K: You with the landlord came in SL, because here it easier for you?
S: No, not easier, more diverse. There are various different messenger for communication, voice and video. SL - one of these forms, and it is necessary to notice a rather fascinating. The emotions that we experience, absolutely real.
K: When in your address you hear unflattering remarks, I'm sure, that they are often, what is your reaction ?
S: Nothing, indifferent. Such statements do not hurt and do not touch me. This is ignorance of the issue and nothing more, a person who understands the essence can not take such a way of life, but is unlikely to feel contempt.
K: to Be a slave is it good or bad?
S: Not good and Not bad. For me this is the only harmonious form of existence, it is a condition of protection, the serenity and inner peace. Well and certainly it's a very high level of fun. Slave is attractive, a good and nice person, because a slave is one who is trained to give pleasure to others.

=A slave is attractive and compelling =

K: Attractive and appealing slave, what is she?
S: Attractive outwardly, in any case, she is very well-groomed. She is able to support any conversation, in time to be silent, not to provoke the conflicts and disputes. Depending on the level of the slave.
K: What is the level of slaves?
S: It is a collection of various data and the degree of training, penetration, I would have said so. Simply put - the inexperienced slave or experienced. 
K: What  is experiencing a beginner ?
S: the Desire to obey. Sexual attraction to be related, for example.
K: Why did the slave wants to be tied up? If she does not associated, is she might do something bad?
S: No, a associated slave - this is only a special case. This sexual attraction... Imagine if you naked, bound, unable to move, and the next man, a strong, desirable, which can make with you all, that wants to.
 K: And if he want to kill you?
S: It may be, but (!). The Master must first of all take care of his slave: about her needs, her health, appearance, and about her psychological state in the first place, otherwise then why would he need a slave who does not bring pleasure?
K: the Pleasure is this pain?
S: For some yes, as the pain is pleasure.
K: So, for you the pleasure is pain. But through the pain - you get sexual pleasure?
S: I know that now I'm getting mad fun, but then... tomorrow or next week it will hurt me, I will suffer. From these feelings my pleasure becomes sharper, it's like a black-and-white stripes of a zebra, understand?K: When you suffer?
S: It's an interesting question, I suffer when someone hurts my feelings when someone's hurt me or wants to do it. I'm well protected now, but before it was a lot of factors, which are heavily wounded me.

K: Your Master makes you suffer?
 S: No, people do, though, and Master too, but he can.

= Crazy pleasure? =

 K: What can you say about the "crazy" pleasure?

S: Initially I get pleasure from the fact that when I see him smile and further on the rise. When I see that the Master's eyes light up when I feel his desire, when I see how He is excited from the view of my body, and so on. I like to do what will please him, and in sex too.
K: How interesting... the Master receives the "crazy" pleasure?  He is a rapist?
S: No, in no case, in fact - no. But a lot of people like it - to play in the violence. Why not bring pleasure to each other?

K:  these relations  reminiscent of the relationship in the family of the spouse, when the male, the master and everyone decides for himself, and the wife creates an atmosphere of comfort, makes everything so that it satisfy?
S: It is called domestic slavery
K: I understand that you're not playing? Do you live?
S:   For me it is a way of life.
K: Obey or to seek the protection?
S: To obey in the first place, to feel power over yourself voluntarily. And of course, in return, receive protection. Protection I am not looking for, but I am pleased, when protect me, when I know that he will be ready to save me.
K:  you said "violence", thus, it is the pleasure of torture?
S: Torture I wouldn't have called, but the action with a painful wounding yes, there is
K: Me a little of it became clear. Spiritually weak people are just looking for protection from someone?
S: No, I would say on the contrary, it is a very strong spirit people.
K: Strong seek to strong?
S: of Course, a strong slave, and a strong master...
K: You "slave to love" or another?
S: I would call myself a slave to pleasure. Love is something else.
K: As relates to you is your master? He loves you?
S: I think that he loves.

S:If possible, I would like to look at the full text.
K: Yes, definitely, don't worry .
S: I'm not worried, I know)).
Actually, I'm a photo journalist in life, and I'm also quite a secular person.
K: Thank you, that has agreed to the interview.

Alexander - photos
Note - Consultant

= Second Life = 

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