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Interview with a famous artist 3d claudia222 Jewell. Fantastic world of Claudia

I think it is safe to say that claudia222 Jewell was one of the first artists who worked with mesh in Second Life. claudia continues exploring this medium in the most meticulous manner. She is constantly trying to learn more about it, fine tuning her technique and finding new ways to approach it. In fact, claudia has even given up on her old avatar and nowadays uses a mesh avatar which she herself created.  
writes blogger Flora Nordenskiold 
photo claudia222 Jewell
The well-known 3D artist claudia222 Jewell  has agreed to give us an interview.
Kama Mhia: Hi, Claudia! When you started your life of an artist?
claudia222 Jewell: I been always interested in to learn about the medium of 3d . The reason i started.  Was also maybe a personal thing .. my dad died then and i decided to start learn 3d programs to get my thinking focused on learning during this time. I work full time in rl and used every night to learn and try ways to make things work for second life. I do it now for 1 year and 2 month in second life

Kama Mhia: You know  how to draw?
claudia222 Jewell: I draw in my rl all life long  and also for my rl work.   So i am very familiar with 
 imagine things.

Kama Mhia: You the images are looking for  in  fairy tales and myths?
claudia222 Jewell: No, i make all out of my head. I think i stay close to myself and try to use things in my own imagination. And use it to make also some visual things about what happened to me in real. Maybe in a more surreal or dream like way. By starting to make the basic models and then texture them,  and don’t need to make much sketches usually. I love to be free and work often on intuition .. but off course we need to learn a lot of technical things for 3d.  
photo claudia222 Jewell
Kama Mhia: What programs do you prefer to work?
claudia222 Jewell: i like to use zbrush also blender,  3d max is for windows and Photoshop for much.

Kama Mhia: How much time it took to build?
claudia222 Jewell: My account is older but i was away for 2 years, then came back and wanted to learn about how we can build. I heard we can learn and make things in SL  in 3d. I have focused on learn programs for 1 year and 2 month. Not that long.   I tried a little before, but i had not found what i like in geometric forms. i have a urge for creating more organic shapes, like  sculpties and avatars. I like to have more realism in what i do.

Kama Mhia: You have created a world of strange creatures, like insects. This is your new job?
claudia222 Jewell: They  all a little new .. the insects are a part of my work séance the last year.  I grown up in much nature as a kid and always liked to see things from close up.  I like nature very much and i see it as very important to not forget we need all to make the world be healthy. 
photo claudia222 Jewell
Kama Mhia: When did the idea to create these strange creatures?
claudia222 Jewell: Oh i always wanted this. Hard to say where it started. i have a very strong imagination.  When i paint or draw or work with clay i always work in a almost surreal way.  It has to do with make it in a more symbolic way maybe to express feelings we have. I feel drawn to unusual things they make me think and imagine. I like it in other people too.
There is many that want beauty only, but for me the full success in many things is the balance. We need the little odd things s and some maybe called ugly things to see beauty. Many find them maybe scary but for me they're a part of it and not meant to scare anyone.   I  to play with organic forms and create something new.
I am vegetarian in rl. so don’t imagine i have my house filled with animals like a taxidermist ))))
Kama Mhia: nooo , not scary)) We love it!
claudia222 Jewell: that’s great, i felt that people weren’t so scared in this exhibition.
Pyshistaya Honi: I like all strange things )))
MilaWaldorf Resident: amazing creatures!
photo claudia222 Jewell
Kama Mhia: and the names they have?
claudia222 Jewell: The names are not important to me.  I was building the set in a month and was all alone here.  I am more visual working names are for me more to find it again in my huge inventories.

Kama Mhia: - What do you call this man with hooves?
claudia222 Jewell: The man is a a kind of android .. seeming more futuristic i like to get away from a time .. and use past and future maybe in one concept. I used him to go to the main scene about the death of one creature its all a little personal for me.

Kama Mhia: Perhaps these creatures on the other parallels?
claudia222 Jewell: My first installation was called “parallel worlds”, it was in January last year.
photo claudia222 Jewell
Kama Mhia: you also believe in parallel universes?
claudia222 Jewell: Maybe i like the idea. And maybe sl is some sort of different reality..
I think every time i sleep there is another world. Some say sleep is the little brother of death, but we don’t know.   I enjoy in sl,  we are free to make impossible things seem so real.
I hope i will learn much more in the next year and maybe make all even more seeming real

Kama Mhia: What are you still planning to create?
claudia222 Jewell: I want to focus on avatar making for a while,  in mesh and learn to make animations also. I was happy i managed to learn to make a mesh avatar as a present for visitors. I wanted to do one but i had no time anymore.  
photo claudia222 Jewell
Kama Mhia: How long will the exhibition?
claudia222 Jewell: Till end of march then its gone and a new creator and artist will be able to make a new exhibition

Kama Mhia: planned extension of the exhibition?
claudia222 Jewell: No

Kama Mhia: where will you go in April?
claudia222 Jewell: Back in public sandboxes. i like to be free.
photo claudia222 Jewell
Kama Mhia: you linked to LEA?
claudia222 Jewell: I am not linked to Lea. Yes they gave many sims so people can create for a limited time. I like to use the sandbox in lea art sandbox to create. Not needing to pay for the sim for a period of 5 month. I don’t have applied for a lea sim.  Here i am offered a place to do a exhibition and the owners pay the rent.  A group of 3 people  that help people like me to have a show.

Kama Mhia: you earn money in SL?
claudia222 Jewell: I dont work to make money. Maybe one day it can help me to make some money but i think we need maybe 3 years to be better.
Kama Mhia: If you see that others enjoy your work - you're happy?
claudia222 Jewell: Yes, but we are all different and i don’t think we ever will be able to please all. Many seem to enjoy to dance or go to more sex oriented places. I'm at home here, and here i feel all ok.

The owner and art sponsor  called Zachh Cale sais thank you very much .. the rest i havent seen but  also Chestnut Rau and Amase  will say the same .. thank you som much  
Of the group of "Russian travelers" were: Kama Mhia, Pyshistaya Honi, Old Oh, JulietteSweet, Semerset, MilaWaldorf, LanKa Hartle.

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